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Namibia (/nəˈmɪbiə/, /næˈ-/), officially the Republic of Namibia (German:  Republik Namibia ; Afrikaans: Republiek van Namibië), and formerly German South-West Africa and then South West Africa, is a country in southern Africa whose western border is the Atlantic Ocean. It shares land borders with Zambia and Angola to the north, Botswana to the east and South Africa to the south and east. Although it does not border Zimbabwe, less than 200 metres of the Zambezi River (essentially a small bulge in Botswana to achieve a Botswana/Zambia micro-border) separates them at their closest points. It gained independence from South Africa on 21 March 1990, following the Namibian War of Independence. Its capital and largest city is Windhoek. Namibia is a member state of the United Nations (UN), the Southern African Development Community (SADC), the African Union (AU), and the Commonwealth of Nations.

The dry lands of Namibia were inhabited since early times by San, Damara, and Namaqua, and since about the 14th century AD by immigrating Bantu who came with the Bantu expansion. Most of the territory became a German Imperial protectorate in 1884 and remained a German colony until the end of World War I. In 1920, the League of Nations mandated the country to South Africa, which imposed its laws and, from 1948, its apartheid policy. The port of Walvis Bay and the offshore Penguin Islands had been annexed by the Cape Colony under the British crown by 1878 and had become an integral part of the new Union of South Africa at its creation in 1910.

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De Beers’ latest diamond recovery vessel departs

Gulf Daily News 15 Sep 2021
“The vessel build has been a truly multinational effort which has converged successfully at Damen Shipyards Mangalia.  The build of this magnificent ship has enjoyed a high profile in Namibia as the largest ever single investment in the history of marine diamond recovery. ....

Plastic pollution causes horrific injuries to Cape fur seals in two Namibian colonies

Mail Guardian South Africa 28 Aug 2021
These are the first results from an ongoing project, which started in 2018, to investigate the effects of pollution on Cape fur seals in Namibia. The seals are the most common marine mammal observed around the coastline of South Africa and Namibia, where they are endemic....

Condemned to death by man-made waste: Young seals suffer agonising deaths after they're caught in ...

The Daily Mail 24 Aug 2021
Scientists probing the impact of marine pollution on Cape fur seals in Namibia, Africa, have documented 600 entangled animals from two colonies this year ... Scientists probing the impact of marine pollution on Cape fur seals in Namibia, Africa, have documented 366 entangled animals....

VIDEO: A-Trawling Cruelty: Seals Suffer Horrific Slow Death As They’re Throttle By Fishing Nets

The Tennessee Tribune 24 Aug 2021
Plastic pollution and particularly lost and discarded fishing nets are having a big impact on marine life,” said Tess Gridley, co-director of the Namibia Dolphin Project and senior lecturer at Stellenbosch University ... were published in the journal Marine Pollution Bulletin....

The horrifying way plastic pollution is endangering the Cape fur seal

Independent online (SA) 24 Aug 2021
SU Botany and Zoology senior lecturer and Sea Search-Namibia Dolphin Project co-director Dr Tess Gridley said the most common injury for marine life was fishing line or fishing nets around their necks, and a high number of affected animals in their seal study were young seals....

Hundreds of Cape Fur seals entangled in fishing lines and nets every year

Science Daily 20 Aug 2021
Fishing line and nets are having a major impact on Cape fur seals, the most common marine ......

Monjasa acquires flexi tanker for West Africa cargo market

Seatrade Maritime News 18 Aug 2021
In West Africa, the availability of Very Low Sulphur Fuel Oil (VLSFO) for the marine industry has substantially increased following the IMO 2020 transition ... Monjasa is a leading supplier of marine fuels in West Africa and has been operating throughout the region from the Gulf of Guinea to Namibia since 2008....

AEGIR-Marine opens office in Panama

Seatrade Maritime News 05 Aug 2021
Netherlands-based AEGIR-Marine has opened a new office in Panama expanding its presence in Latin America and global service network. The maritime stern tube seal and propulsion system service provider now has offices on five continents around the world located in the Netherlands, Singapore, Shanghai, Namibia, US, UAE and now Panama....

AEGIR-Marine Opens New in Office in Panama

The Maritime Executive 03 Aug 2021
AEGIR-Marine has opened a new office in Panama. In addition to reinforcing the company’s presence in Latin America, the new office represents the further expansion of AEGIR-Marine’s global service network ... AEGIR-Marine decided to extend its geographical presence by opening an office in Panama for two main reasons....

NMP hosts informative workshops as court case is again postponed

Mining Weekly 03 Jun 2021
While it awaits the outcome of a once again postponed court case, Namibia ......

ENOC appoints Ennero to expand its South African footprint in marine sector

Gulf News 31 May 2021
Ennero, will distribute ENOC’s marine lubricants to all South African ports - Durban, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Richard’s Bay - in addition to Walvis Bay in Namibia, and other international markets....